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miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

¡Vaya sorpresa!!!!!

Today was the Day of the African Child - a day with importance because it was the say of the Soweto Uprising more than 2 decades ago. Over 20 years ago, the students of Soweto were protesting against the 'bantu' education system in South Africa - a system that gave some children a good education and some a bad one based only on the colour of their skin. Today, one of the student at that protest is an architect and he has designed the Soccer City football stadium in Joburg. When we get the video of his speech (very moving) I will share it.

One of the best videos showing the difference education makes is the 2 Girls, 2 Lives video. See it at

This was broadcast around the world during the concert and will continue to be broadcast in South Africa and beyond.
I have sent a surprise to Noe that can be shared with Leones and Osos - something special from South Africa and to help with reading books.
Duane (Noe's Dad currently in South Africa working for the 1Goal Campaign)

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Mary Carmen N. dijo...

Really very moving! I would like to post it in my blog, can I? Thanks.