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Hi everybody!
It´s reading time, again!
I know you love it because you can imagine what the characters look like, invent other worlds, live the adventures in the books, make new friends... Isn’t it fantastic?
Well, to help you choose new books, read the comments and recommendations some 1º ESO pupils have written about some of the books they have read.

But this is not all. This is a BlogLibrary, so, you will also find new ways of getting more information about the books you think you may want to read…
And you are also welcome to add your own reviews!
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The book is about a girl who was adopted and her adoptive parents won’t tell her anything about her past. Lauren (the girl) finds out that she might have been kidnapped and takes matters into her own hands.
I like this book because it’s mysterious and adventurous.
I recommend it to people that like action.
I recommend it to people over the age of 12.
I give this book five stars because I have enjoyed the book the whole way through.
Sara Finn Rodriguez. 1º ESO A
This book is about a girl who goes to a shrink (psychiatrist) after her 6 month relationship failed, and is told to write down all the boys she has either fancied, went out with on a date or kissed, and her official boyfriends. She explains the story of each boy and what happened.
The book is very funny, witty and very interesting. It keeps you hooked and wanting to read more, which is very good, I would recommend this book to the ages of 13+ 

I would rate it a five star.
Tia-lauren Young  1º ESO A

This book is about the time when the World War II started and how people reacted. Many children were evacuated to the countryside. When this boy reaches the countryside he is given to a man that doesn’t look very funny, in fact he looks quite serious.
I loved this book because it shows how things were when World War II started, and how people had to do many things. It also shows how they had to act. 

I would rate it five stars. 
Tania Garcia 1 ESO A

Lirael, who has  been obsessed with her Clayrdescendants (a clan of women that can see the future and in some cases the past)finds out she is the next Abhorsen in waiting as soon as she finds out she jumps headfirst into a big adventure with the disreputable dog, Mogget, and her nephew, using herClayr skills to help her.
This book is fantastic, the plot is fantastic and well balanced, in a way that lets you relate yourself to the characters and feel shocked one moment and laughing in the next.
This book is really my kind of book it’s supernatural, it’s an adventure, and a really good read. 

Inés Pineda 1 ESO A

The Wolves of Willouby Chase
by Joan Aiken
Published (1962) Ltd
It is about a girl called Sylvia, who has to go to live with her cousin because her
Gran is ill. I absolutely loved it. It was a thrilling book. I recommend for people aged
6+ to read it I give it 5 stars.
War Horse
By Michael Morpurgo
Published (1982) Egmont
It is about a boy whose dad gets a horse called Joey.The boy
gets really attached to Joey. But one day Joey is sold to the army, to fight in war.
I loved the book it has a lot of tense bits and happy bits and sad bits, but I loved it and I recommend for people aged 7+ and I give it 4 half stars.
by Neil Gaiman
Published (1990) Ltd
It is about a girl called Coraline, her parents get captured
in another world by Coraline’s other evil Mother. Coraline must save her parents.
It was really good, I loved it, I just got scared of the evil mother. I recommend this
Book for people aged 11+ and I give it 4 stars.
Yaiza Freire 1 ESO A